Fishing Legend

TG777 Fishing Legend centers on a fishing-themed adventure. Players encounter a diverse range of fish species, with each design contributing to the game’s atmosphere. The visuals range from common carp to rare, valuable fish like the golden trout. To keep the experience engaging, environments dynamically change as players advance. These shifts might include exploring deep-sea areas or colorful coral reefs.

Key Information of the Game

Key InformationDetails
Game ProviderJDB
Release Date2023-01-26
Game TypeFishing Adventure Game
Platforms SupportedJS, HTML5

Game Features

Let’s dive into the details of these engaging features of Fishing legend such as:


A Multiplier in “TG777 Fishing Legend” increases the points or rewards you earn when you catch a fish. For example, if a multiplier of 2x is active and you catch a fish worth 100 points, you’ll actually receive 200 points. This feature makes your efforts more rewarding and can quickly boost your score or earnings within the game.

Bonus Symbols

Bonus Symbols are special icons that appear randomly during gameplay. In “TG777 Fishing Legend,” these could be rare fish or treasure chests. Catching a bonus symbol often triggers extra points, special effects, or access to hidden game features. They add an element of surprise and extra excitement to your fishing expeditions.

Bonus Game

A Bonus Game is a special part of “TG777 Fishing Legend” that you can enter when certain conditions are met, like catching a specific sequence of fish or obtaining a rare item. This game within a game offers a change of pace and often involves unique challenges or missions. Completing a bonus game usually grants significant rewards or advantages in the main game.

Random Multiplier

The Random Multiplier is similar to the regular multiplier but with an added twist: the multiplier value changes randomly. This feature can suddenly increase the points you earn from catching a fish. For instance, one moment, a fish might be worth 2x its usual points, and the next catch could be worth 3x or more. It adds a layer of unpredictability and thrill to the game, as players can score big when they least expect it.

Shooting Game

The Shooting Game feature in “TG777 Fishing Legend” involves targeting and shooting at fast-moving fish or objects. This action-packed mode requires quick reflexes and sharp aiming skills. Scoring hits in the shooting game usually rewards players with points, multipliers, or even special items. It’s a dynamic break from the traditional fishing mechanics and tests your precision and timing.

Shooting Weapons at Fishing Game

Laser Canon

The Laser Canon offers precision targeting, ideal for quickly capturing elusive, high-value fish. It emits a sharp, fast beam, allowing players to accurately zap and collect specific targets.

Broad Area Beam Cannon

The Broad Area Beam Cannon excels in situations with dense fish populations, emitting a wide beam that captures multiple fish simultaneously. This weapon is perfect for rapidly boosting scores by snagging large groups of fish in one sweep.


Bet Amount (PHP)Symbol/FishPayout (PHP)Multiplier
50Common Fish1002x
50Rare Fish3003x
50Laser Canon5005x
50Broad Area Beam Cannon4004x
100Common Fish2002x
100Rare Fish6003x
100Laser Canon10005x
100Broad Area Beam Cannon8004x
200Common Fish4002x
200Rare Fish12003x
200Laser Canon20005x
200Broad Area Beam Cannon16004x

Paytable Explanation:

  • Common Fish: This symbol represents the most frequent catch, with modest payouts.
  • Rare Fish: Less common than the regular fish, offering higher payouts.
  • Laser Canon: A high-value symbol that provides a significant payout, reflecting its power in gameplay.
  • Broad Area Beam Cannon: Another high-value symbol, slightly less than the Laser Canon, but still offers substantial rewards.

Explore the Depths of the Best Fishing Game by JDB!

Discover the ultimate fishing challenge in TG777 Fishing Legend, a thrilling Fishing Adventure Game and TG777 that brings the beauty and excitement of a legendary fishing expedition right to your screen. With the game’s meticulously designed fish species, from the shimmering scales of a common carp to the elusive golden trout, each catch brings not just points but a vivid burst of realism.

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