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Shade Dragon Fishing by JDB Fishing at TG777 online casino offers a unique and exhilarating gaming experience. This online fishing game blends classic arcade fishing with modern digital enhancements, creating a vibrant underwater adventure. Players are tasked with capturing the elusive Shade Dragon along with other aquatic creatures using various weapons and strategies. 

Key Information

Key InformationDetails
Game ProviderJDB Fishing
Release Date2023-11-24
Game TypeOnline Casino Fishing Game
Platforms SupportedPC, Mobile (iOS, Android)

Game Features

In playing shade dragon fishing, these are the game features or weapons you can use. 


  • Small Fish: These are the most common targets in the game, easy to catch, and offer lower points. They’re great for beginners to practice their shooting skills.
  • Medium Fish: These fish are slightly harder to catch than small fish and provide moderate points. They require better timing and weapon choice.
  • Rare Fish: Appearing less frequently, these fish offer higher points. Capturing them may require specific weapons or power-ups.
  • Shade Dragon: The game’s highlight, this elusive and challenging creature offers the highest points when caught. It requires strategic planning and precise weapon use.


Standard Harpoon

The standard harpoon is the most basic weapon available to players. It is easy to handle and fires quickly, making it ideal for beginners.

  • Usage: Best used for targeting small to medium-sized fish. Its rapid firing rate allows for quick corrections in aim and can be effective in crowded areas where fish move predictably.
  • Strategy: Utilize the standard harpoon for regular fish to conserve more powerful weapons for rare or challenging creatures.

Enhanced Harpoon

This upgraded version of the standard harpoon features increased power and a faster projectile speed. It can penetrate through tougher fish or hit targets at a greater distance.

  • Usage: Effective against medium and some larger fish. It’s also more efficient in later game stages where faster and more resilient fish appear.
  • Strategy: Deploy the enhanced harpoon when you encounter denser groups of medium-value fish or to quickly take down faster targets that are

Shade Dragon Fishing Paytable

Symbol/FeatureBet Amount (₱)Payout (₱)Multiplier
Small Fish1030x3
Medium Fish20100x5
Rare Fish50300x6
Shade Dragon1001,000x10
Standard Harpoon5
Enhanced Harpoon15
Special Bombs30200x6.67
Electric Shocks40250x6.25
Laser Gun50500x10

Payouts Explained:

  • Small Fish: Betting ₱10 could win you ₱30, tripling your stake with a multiplier of x3.
  • Medium Fish: A bet of ₱20 can yield a payout of ₱100, giving you a multiplier of x5.
  • Rare Fish: With a bet of ₱50, you can earn ₱300, a six-fold return.
  • Shade Dragon: The highest bet of ₱100 can bring a significant payout of ₱1,000, with a x10 multiplier.
  • Weapons: No direct payouts as they are tools for capturing fish. Costs associated with each weapon type are listed.

How to Play Shade Dragon Fishing

To play Shade Dragon Fishing at TG777, players must aim to catch various types of fish, including the prized Shade Dragon, using a selection of weapons. Here’s a quick guide on how to get started:

  1. Choose Your Weapon: Select from the standard harpoon, enhanced harpoon, and other power-ups like electric shocks and laser guns. Each weapon has specific advantages and costs associated.
  2. Aim and Shoot: Target fish as they swim across the screen. Smaller fish are easier to catch but yield lower points, while rare fish and the Shade Dragon require strategic weapon use and timing.
  3. Manage Resources: Use your limited ammunition and funds wisely to maximize your score. Prioritize high-value targets to increase your points rapidly.
  4. Collect Rewards: Each fish type has a corresponding payout based on the bet amount and the difficulty of catching it. The game’s paytable displays potential earnings and multipliers.

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