Cai Shen Fishing by JDB

Cai Shen Fishing by JDB takes players on an exciting underwater journey. You’ll join the Wealth God in a tropical world, meeting different fish in a beautiful setting. The game features great graphics and fun mechanics that can increase your points a lot, making it even more exciting to play.

Game Overview

TypeVideo Arcade
Maximum Win300X
Players Per Table4
Minimum Coin Size0.10
Maximum Coin Size1

Gameplay Mechanics

Embark on your underwater adventure with auto-shooting weapons that determine your shot’s direction. Strategically choose your ammunition to maximize your winnings by targeting different valued fish. Customize your bets to suit your gaming style and risk tolerance for optimal success.

Target Control (Auto Shoot): In Cai Shen Fishing, your weapon’s auto-shoot feature determines the trajectory of your shots. When you pull the trigger, your bullets travel across the game interface, ricocheting off its edges until they hit a fish.

Choose Your Weapon: At the start of the game, players must carefully select their ammunition. Different types of fish hold varying values, so your choice of weapon significantly impacts your potential success. Consider this decision pivotal in amassing substantial winnings.

Bet Adjustment: Cai Shen Fishing allows players to customize their bets to align with their gaming strategies and risk tolerance. Properly managing your bets can significantly enhance your chances of success.

Game Features

Explore a myriad of exciting features designed to boost your winnings, including:

Winning Red Envelopes

Participants engage in a virtual fishing endeavor where each successful catch could reveal a red envelope Unpredictable and thrilling, catch a fish and stand a chance to win red envelopes with rewards of up to 1000X.

Cai Shen Fa Fa Fa

Players encounter the Cai Shen symbol, which acts as a powerful multiplier. Multiply your winnings by up to 1000X with this symbol of grandeur in the underwater realm.

Cai Shen Coming

This feature is designed to reward players with substantial multipliers that can drastically increase their winnings.When the auspicious Cai Shen appears, seize the opportunity to secure multipliers ranging from 100X to 300X.

Wheel of Fortune

Triggering the Wheel of Fortune allows players to take a spin on a wheel embedded in the game, which contains various reward segments. Trigger a particular game within the game with the Wheel of Fortune, offering rewards of up to 200X.

Cai Shen Fishing Special Weapon

Elevate your gameplay with the Special Weapon, unleashing its power to reap massive rewards and conquer the depths like never before.

Fortune Bazooka and Free Bullets

  • Activation Process: This special weapon becomes available once players achieve a certain score or hit specific targets throughout the game, providing a tactical advantage.
  • Benefits of the Fortune Bazooka: Players receive between 20 to 100 free bullets. This not only conserves the player’s resources but also increases the potential for winning big, as each free bullet carries the same potential to score as regularbullets.

Mega Drill

After your first 10 shots, you get a free Mega Drill shot, increasing your chances of winning, except for Mega Drill and Fortune Bazooka shots.

  • Mechanism of Action: This powerful tool penetrates through multiple targets in its path, increasing the chance of hitting valuable fish. The Mega Drill is particularly effective in crowded scenarios where multiple high-value targets are present.
  • Advantages of Using the Mega Drill: The primary advantage of the Mega Drill is its enhanced capability to capture multiple fish at once. This is especially beneficial when targeting clusters of high-value fish, as it maximizes the potential return from a single shot. 

Tips for Success in Playing Cai Shen Fishing

Master the game with expert tips, such as employing the Mustache Strategy to strategically target smaller fish before taking down larger ones. Practice precision aiming and manage your ammunition wisely to maximize your winnings.

Mustache Strategy: This tactic involves systematically targeting smaller fish with a single bullet to eliminate larger, high-value fish targeted by other players eventually. Use level 2 bullets to shoot groups of around 10 fish consecutively, with 3-5 bullets per group. Precision aiming is crucial, and this strategy requires proficiency and experience in fish hunting.

Ammunition Management: Procure ammunition using real currency wisely. Shooting large fish at opportune moments can be highly rewarding but requires robust weapons and a significant investment of bullets.

Precision Aiming: Master the art of precision, aiming to maximize your success. Aim carefully, especially when targeting high-value fish or utilizing special weapons.

Continuous Learning: Stay updated with game developments and strategies. Learn from experienced players and adapt your tactics to improve your performance over time.

Try Your Luck in Cai Sheng Fishing Today!

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