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Fishing Disco is not just another slot game; it’s a vibrant festival of lights and sounds that captivates your senses. Set in a funky underwater discotheque, it features marine creatures dressed in disco attire, grooving to catchy tunes while you spin the reels. The game’s interface is user-friendly, designed to be intuitive for beginners yet engaging enough to keep seasoned players hooked. Fishing Disco promises not just fun but also numerous chances to win big.

Key Information of the Game

Game ProviderJDB Gaming
Release Date2021-08-20 
Game TypeFishing Game
RTP (Return to Player)96.1%
Platforms SupportedDesktop, Mobile

Game Features

Each features brings its own unique flair to the game, making it not only fun to play but also visually engaging. These are:

Rock and Roll Fish King

This feature in Fishing Disco turns the action up a notch by introducing the Fish King, a special character that shows up with lucrative rewards. When the Fish King appears on your screen, it means higher chances of winning bigger prizes. Simply aim and try to catch the Fish King to collect the rewards it brings.

Swinging Dragon Disco

In the Swinging Dragon Disco feature, a dazzling dragon dances across the screen, leaving a trail of prizes and bonuses in its wake. This dragon not only adds a fun visual element but also increases your potential winnings by activating special combinations and bonuses as it moves.

Music Wheel

The Music Wheel is a bonus round that activates when you hit certain combinations. In this feature, you get to spin a colorful wheel that plays lively music. Each segment of the wheel corresponds to different prizes or multipliers, and where it stops determines what you win. It’s a game of chance that adds an extra layer of excitement to your gaming experience.

Special Weapons

These weapons make Fishing Disco a dynamic and engaging game, full of opportunities for fun and big wins. 

  • Disco Cannon – The Disco Cannon is one of the special weapons you can use in the game. It’s designed to help you catch more fish by blasting a wide area at once. Use the Disco Cannon when there are lots of targets on the screen, and you want to increase your chances of hitting multiple fish simultaneously, leading to higher scores and more rewards.
  • Happy Bomb – The Happy Bomb is another powerful tool in your arsenal. When activated, it explodes in a cheerful burst of colors, catching any fish within its blast radius. This weapon is particularly useful when you spot a dense group of high-value fish. Deploy the Happy Bomb to maximize your catch and boost your points dramatically.

Fishing Disco Paytable

Symbol/FeatureBet AmountPayoutMultiplier
Rock and Roll Fish KingPHP 50PHP 50010x
PHP 100PHP 1,00010x
PHP 500PHP 5,00010x
Swinging Dragon DiscoPHP 50PHP 75015x
PHP 100PHP 1,50015x
PHP 500PHP 7,50015x
Music WheelPHP 50PHP 300Varies (up to 5x)
PHP 100PHP 600Varies (up to 5x)
PHP 500PHP 3,000Varies (up to 5x)
Disco CannonPHP 50PHP 2505x
PHP 100PHP 5005x
PHP 500PHP 2,5005x
Happy BombPHP 50PHP 4008x
PHP 100PHP 8008x
PHP 500PHP 4,0008x
  • Feature-Specific Payouts: Lists potential earnings for game features like Rock and Roll Fish King, Swinging Dragon Disco, and others.
  • Bet Variation: Details payouts across different bet amounts such as PHP 50, PHP 100, and PHP 500.
  • Multiplier Effects: Shows how multipliers increase payouts for each feature, enhancing winnings based on the symbol combination.

Start Your Winning Adventure with Fishing Disco!

Ready to dive into the vibrant underwater world of Fishing Disco? Join the fun and excitement at TG777 Casino today! Place your bets, spin the reels, and see if you can catch the lucrative Fish King or hit the jackpot with the Music Wheel. 

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