Unleash the Power of Dragon and Tiger by JILI Games

Dragon and Tiger, a game rooted in Cambodia, has in practically no time ascended to the world’s most-played live casino games due to its accessibility and ease of play. Featuring eight decks of Live Dragon Tiger, brought to you in high-definition video by actual, professional dealers, we have you covered. Take advantage of several thrilling side bets to increase your wins while you play this timeless casino game.

Get Started with the Game

Playing Dragon and Tiger mainly entails placing bets on the relative values of two cards. However, the rules are slightly different from poker and other famous Western card games regarding the value of the cards. From lowest to highest, the following card rankings are used in Dragon Tiger: ace through ten, jack, queen, and king. 

  • Return to player (RTP) for this wager is 96.27%, and winning bets on the Tiger or Dragon payout at a 1:1 ratio. Lastly, players have a plethora of side bets to choose from. These additional wagers are:
  • Tie Bet: Each of the cards is worth the same amount. A tie has a return-to-player percentage of 82.17%, and the payout is 10:1. 
  • Suited Tie Bet: The cards are identical in terms of value and suit. The return to player percentage is 86.02%, and the payout ratio is 50:1.
  • Big/Small Bet: The card representing the Dragon or the Tiger will be lower than seven or higher than seven. If a seven appears, the wager is considered a loss. The return to player percentage is 92.31%, and the payout is one-to-one.
  • Odd/Even Bet: An odd or even number will be associated with the Dragon or Tiger. The number seven is not included in this in any way. If a seven appears, the wager is considered a loss. The return to player percentage is 92.31%, and the payout is one-to-one.

There is a requirement for players to place their wagers before the drawing of cards from the deck. The player can place a wager on the Dragon, the Tiger, the tie, or any of the side bets. Those who wish to do so can place multiple bets simultaneously.

Rules of the Gameplay

You can wager on one of two outcomes in Dragon Tiger. You have the option to wager on the Tiger set, or the Dragon set.

  • A shoe containing six or eight pre-shuffled decks of cards is used for the drawing. 
  • The value of an ace is lowest in Dragon Tiger, while that of a king is highest. The primary order of the cards is as follows: pro, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, J, Q, and K.
  • The seller will draw a card and spot it on either the Dragon or the Tiger box on the table after all players have placed their wagers on their preferred options.

Side Bets in Dragon Tiger

The restricted selection of Dragon Tiger bets is why most live Dragon Tiger games also provide side-betting possibilities. Software developers typically have a lot of leeway to build up their own rules as they are outside the main set. Because of this, there is great diversity, and we can’t consider it all. A handful of side bet elements are prevalent in the best Dragon Tiger games played online. Here are a few that we can review.

  • In the Big and Small side bets, players wager on whether the following card will be greater than seven or less than 7. This wager can be made on either the Dragon or the Tiger. For instance, if the following Dragon card falls between 1 and 6, a Small Dragon wager would pay off. When a seven is drawn, the payoff is 1:1 for both Big and Small bets, and they always lose.
  • While Big and Small bets anticipate the value of the following Dragon or Tiger card, Odd and Even bets anticipate whether it will be odd or even. When the corresponding card is a 7, both Odd and Even lose, but you’ll get paid one-to-one if you win.
  • Predict the following card’s suit with the Suits bet. You can wager on the Dragon or the Tiger; if you’re lucky, you may win 3:1.
  • If the next round’s two cards have the same suit, it’s a Suited Tie. Even though it has a low RTP of 86.02% and pays out a lot at 50:1, it rarely wins.
  • Theoretically, the return to player (RTP) for side bets on Big, Small, Odd, and Even is 92.31%. Because of this, they are far poorer than the primary stake, which is typical of most casino games. Sometimes, side bets aren’t the best decision, but they’re still fun.

Dragon vs. Tiger: Patterns and Predictions

When playing Dragon Tiger, the following is a guide that will help you grasp the pattern and make predictions:

Long Streaks 

When there is a long streak of the same suit, there is a more significant likelihood that the streak will continue until it reaches its finish. This is because the streak is more likely to continue.

Dealer Card Trends

The dealer’s hand will change with each new round. Keep an eye out for patterns in the dealer’s displayed cards; they could provide clues about the next card.

Number of Players

The round’s result is dependent on the player count. The frequency of a particular card appearing increases as the number of players decreases.

Dragon and Tiger Await!

Embark on a thrilling journey and unleash the untamed power of Dragon and Tiger with JILI Games! Conquer new realms, master ancient techniques, and seize victory like never before. Join the adventure now at TG777 and awaken the spirit of the dragon within you!

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